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Network & IT Services



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Solving your IT Networking Needs!

Our services include installation, management, and 24-hour support

Practical solutions to achieve the most reliable, secure and lightning fast network environment!

Excel has over a decade of experience in providing networking and IT solutions to the convention tradeshow industry as well as the small to mid size business environments. During this time Excel has picked up some of the finest and most exceptional network consulting and administration talent to ensure the highest quality service and support available.

With being a part of the convention, tradeshow and corporate meetings industry since 1995, where short term events come and go in a week’s time and where every minute of downtime would be like weeks on a calendar, we know what it takes to rapidly deploy large numbers of computers with highly technical networking infrastructures in very little time and with short notice!! Having a computer rental division in our company allows us to act fast with a solid solution to any emergency situation. You have a need for an event that has gone afoul or your business network has crashed, we are ready to get you back in business and do it fast. For disasters like fire, floods, hurricanes …you name it, we are the disaster recovery solution for you!

Excel delivers a host of practical solutions to help you affordably achieve a solid and secure high performance networking infrastructure. We offer an experienced staff of computer consultants that can design or optimize your networking environment to improve reliability, security and overall performance. Allow us to partner with you for your networking and IT needs and you will see the difference as we quickly and affordably integrate solid solutions that completely satisfy your specific business requirement and ready your capacity for future growth.

In our explosive growth, we have evolved as a company that can rapidly deliver a quick, affordable and wide ranging solution that not only helps you maintain solid business, but helps to improve and grow your business event and presentation know-how. Excel affords our clients a deep reservoir of leading-edge technologies, resources and knowledge that can measurably accelerate success and increase results in the most effective ways possible. Call today to find out how we can benefit your organization

Excel Presentations equipment rentals based in Orlando is the trusted rental source for providing excellence in networking IT product rentals and event show meeting support services. We provide renting, sales, installation and support of networking IT and computer rental equipment to support your technology event, exhibit, presentation or business environment in Orlando Tampa Miami Florida and nationwide. Excel offers renting service installation and support service of network server rental, network switches, router rentals, network cable installation, wireless LAN WAN, Firewall installation, and rentals of computers and network products as well as network administration and emergency support.

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