Mastering First Impressions, Impact & Connection – This is our business. We provide the latest in Display, Media and Interactivity to make your brand stand out and get noticed. Our Support includes print media, Production, Audio-Visual and Presentation Equipment, Networking and more. Check out our leading edge technologies from Video Walls to the newest in interactive Advertising & Marketing systems – EyeClick® Interactive Media Delivery Systems

Interactive Marketing

The EyeClick system represents the newest and most engaging of the new Experiential Marketing systems. Available in Floor and Wall systems, Eyeclick magic easily turn any open floor or wall area into an exciting, ongoing experience of movement and action, and real-time connected amazement. We can tailor the programming to each individual client. And it makes marketing fun! Let Excel help you build a crowd around your booth at the next trade show with our Eyeclick systems.

Product Highlights

  • Interactive marketing tool for building & enhancing your brand
  • Wide range of scalable design options
  • Quick and Easy Setup with alarge variety of templates
  • A real time experiential Marketing system designed to engage your audience, embed your message and do it all with fun and excitement
  • Substantial ROI by providing real-time usage reports for valuable business data
  • Broad network control (across geographical areas) enables remote scheduling, control, real time snapshots & detailed reporting
  • High-resolutionwith optimized motion detection for a perfect intuitive user experience.

Having partnered with EyeClick, Excel introduces this extreme marketing tool to the US for the Events Industry which can be installed in any application or business environment to suit your needs. Now you can experience the buzz and extended client dwell times due to this mind-blowing technology. Let us show you how you can have Interactive Marketing second to none! Call us today for a demo.

Total Immersion Creative Media & Advertising, Training Videos and more…..

SL_ProAct Commercial

“Trade Shows, conventions and other public venues can be some of the most challenging environments in which to promote your message. Excel recognized an opportunity and decided to engage our talent to provide you with cinema level multimedia resources for brand promotion, viral marketing, and interactive sales media acceleration.”

Bruce Gowan, President -

Getting their attention is only the first part of the game – keeping it and building brand recognition is what you really want. We have the tools and the development resources to provide you with one-of-a-kind advertising, training and multimedia events that are guaranteed to captivate your audience…And it’s more affordable than you think. With Excel Presentations, you will have access to a creative team of world-class Producers, Writers, and Artists ...alumni of Disney, ILM, DreamWorks, RhinoFX, Universal and more. Utilizing this talent, the capabilities afforded by the studios are now at your call. Want your presentation to be the envy of the show? Excel is your go to source to accurately bring your ideal presentation to life! Our team has developed stunning imagery and captivating commercial products for clients like MasterCard, Nike and Gulf Power, Pepsi and more….

If you can imagine it, we can create it!”

  • Demo Reels
  • Game Show Events
  • Special Effects/CGI Branding
  • Commercial Spots
  • Edutainment & Training Videos
  • Viral Marketing Videos
  • Experiential Marketing

Call us to discuss your next project. We bet you will be surprised at how stunning and economical our productions can be.

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Video Walls Systems



  • Seamless/Seamed options
  • Computer & Video capable
  • Auto Sequence Timer
  • Starting at 84” images
  • Crystal Clear Images
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Add Impact to your

From First Impressions to lasting ones…When it comes to presentation technology, we offer all the popular and specialized choices. Excel helps you capitalize on every event opportunity. Our unique capabilities of creative media development, presentation and interactivity can be found no where else. Your brand is important to us, let us show you how you can stop the show!!

Demo Reels……

From Presentations to broadcast commercial spots we have the solution that is just right for you. Excel is your partner for affordable professional creative media mastery. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!!


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