General Session Rentals

General Session Rentals

Excel has you covered for all your general session needs including audio systems, projectors, screens, lighting, staging, podiums, pipe & drape, creative media and more…..

You want reliable, first class event technology rentals for your next meeting, right? Request a quote for your general session now by email or call us at (877-810-6741). Your rental equipment will be delivered when you need it.

Our general session rental packages are designed with you in mind. From moderate to large to huge we know how to help you reach your audience. We know what it takes to assure that you have the right equipment, in the right place at the right time. Whether you’re an event coordinator, speaker, business planner or association, be assured, we use fresh equipment, upgraded technology, and tie it all together with our production capabilities so that your event is the best bar none. From video walls, high-lumen projectors, multi-level sound systems and lighting to complete show production including simulated game-show or sporting events, we’re the one source for it all. That’s why we say “customer first, no exceptions,” because we’re looking out for you.

Rest Easy Support

The fully trained professional service teams at Excel can staff your general session to assure that all goes smoothly and worry free. With over 20 years of experience we know what works and what doesn’t so you can have peace of mind. We’ve worked with hundreds of resorts, convention centers, meeting facilities and hotels nationwide and we know the ins and outs of dealing with the unions and drayage involved in getting your equipment setup and running on the floor in the most cost effective way possible. As an approved vendor at facilities across the nation we can simplify your efforts and reduce your cost while maximizing your impact at each event. From consultation and quote to logistics, implementation, engineering, live support and removal at the end of the session, we are your technical management team. In short, we will help you make the most of your next event without the pressures and concerns of handling the details.

Some facility’s infrastructure may not meet your event requirements because they just don’t have the right technology – rely on Excel to guide you to facilities that meet your needs and to provide the right equipment at the right time and the right price.

Event Production

This is where our understanding of your event objectives are put into action. You can be confident we will produce a memorable event for you and your attendees. Here are just some of our production capabilities:


Large format plasma and LCD displays, digital camera packages, large image high-lumen projectors, and reverse/forward projection screens…these are a few of the video display and recording systems. In addition, Excel provides you with commercial level productions, multimedia development, and video production services that provide the visual impact you desire to not only get your message across, but also to gain the good will and commitment of your audience.


From simple individual spot and environmental lighting to full theatrical, intelligent and special enhancement lighting, Excel is your superior supplier. We provide not just lighting but also production assistance and technician support to assure that your meeting is above the rest.


You need concert quality sound systems, right? Need professional level telecommunications uplinks? We are your source. Excel provides the best of the best in sound systems and communications technology. We help you reach out to your audience, no matter where they’re located.

Stage and Set Design

We provide you with unique stage sets with soft and hard walled stage elements, raised platforms, dais, and banners to help you create the impact, energy and brand excitement.

Nationwide Delivery and Support

Planning to multiple events throughout the year? Make Excel your vendor of choice for general session and special event show rentals nationwide. We consistently deliver the latest in technology and superior customer service at meeting facilities throughout the nation. Call us for a demonstration of the value we bring to the table. Request a general rental estimate by email or call us at (877) 810-6741 today.

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