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Presentation is Everything …so Look Great when it Counts!!!

We want our customer to look great at every step of the way. That is why we offer such a powerful roundup of media tools to go along with our other services. Our media services are designed to amplify and enhance the impression your corporate identity and product exposure to the world.

By working with Excel, you will open up enormous media resources to include drawing from Universal® and MGM® Studios full production capabilities to make sure you are presenting at your best. In today’s competitive marketplace where the right impression wins everything, Excel Presentation Services is your partner to accelerate success and ensure you Excel!

Presentation and Marketing Media Development

Creating breathtaking presentation or marketing media pieces is our passion …and we do it really well! Excel can provide you that powerful new means to communicate in such a way as to intrigue and amaze your audience. We make the process easy for you to convey your message and us to storyboard and create it into an unprecedented presentation masterpiece; one that will impress your audience at a level only the studios can make possible.

Think what harnessing the creative power of movie industry CGI and Digital Animation experts (alumni of Disney®, ILM®, DreamWorks® and more) can do for your next marketing campaign or presentation! All of these creative abilities can give you a stunning advantage for your next event.

If you can imagine it…

we can create it for you!!

Motion Graphic Animation for Presentations and Commercials

Merging professional movie industry experts + your presentation or marketing pitch = creation of the most effective communication tools to date. With Excel, you can now place virtually anything you want to see and sense precisely to form to convey your message in a way that will wow your audience and all while making it entertaining experience that will long be remembered after the event. Utterly every variable are yours to direct for your perfect marketing presentation piece… we just unlock and release you from limitations. You have seen pharmaceutical commercials on television or those Super-Bowl™ halftime commercials that are completely animated… well that is what we can do for you. Pharmaceutical concerns have found that animation is more effective for delivering their message because they can create whatever they want and it is much more affordable too! Animation covers everything from 2D / 3D cartoons to VR that can replicate you in a way that is virtually indistinguishable to your own eyes. Applying this technology unlocks all possibilities when it come to presentation and marketing. See our Demo Reels to view varying samples of animation levels of what we can do for you.

Additionally, by working with Excel, you will access our partnership of some outstanding companies that have come together and can quickly fashion a customized Experiential environment that will bring all the senses together to create the most memorable and rewarding presentations to date. Your audience will know your name, your product, your message and it will all be supported by a wonderfully pleasant experience.


Beyond the Convention

Excel brings enormous resources to bear for businesses and organizations of all kinds to present their message through some of the most effective delivery means available! All of these capabilities pulled together mean we can go beyond just presentations and commercial spots, we can all forms of creative content, Interactive Marketing, Virtual Reality Special Effects, Live Action, Movie Shorts, Televised programming, GUI or Game show interfaces, book cover, print design and more.

Printing Serviceskomori_4

Brochures, Flyers, Envelopes, Presentation Folders, Letterheads, Magazines, Posters, Business Cards and more

This was a natural choice for us in that it is another very important way to serve our customers and clients alike with quality, convenience and performance. Excel has gone out and partnered with some outstanding printing companies to provide our customers with an amazing selection printing services suitable to just about any product requirement or budget. There is nothing like being in a pinch because you don’t have enough, the message has changed or it is the wrong message and you need it all pronto! Well, Excel has partnered with some proven local printing companies that deliver fast, high quality results at reasonable prices.

Have an emergency or just want to be ready for your next event? Our partners offer high-end (Heidelberg® and Komori®) full four color and two color presses that are available and ready to meet your needs with quality and speed to market. Furthermore, to encompass your additional printing needs, we have a full compliment of support with Envelope, Bindery / Finishing, Copiers, Direct to plate and Direct to press options to handle just about any printing you may require. Any paper stock, Any Coating… You pick it! Just send us your file with specifications and you can have our design team go to work for you to create your next print media piece.






















































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